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A Grandma Used A Store'S Comment Card To Complain About Her "Rude" Grandson

Most people probably have a grandma who doesn't know her way around the internet. But even if your grandma is asking for computer help 100 times a day, you might want to help her out rather than just telling her to "Google it." Unless you want to end up like Tyler.

Tyler's grandma thought it was pretty rude that he'd ask her to Google her way out of her computer problems, and she used a comment card at a Kroger store to let the whole world know.

Her comment starts out innocently enough. She had an irresistible craving for some yogurt-covered cranberries (who doesn't now and then?), and went to the store in search for them. She asked an employee named Nathaniel where she could find her late-night snack, and instead of pointing her in the right direction he walked her over there himself. He even helped her "navigate those darn contraptions" (the trail mix machines), and punched the number for her cranberries into the machine that spits out a barcode.

That all just sounds like a comment commending Nathaniel for a job well-done, but then she comes in with the guilt trip — pointed at Tyler, who wasn't even there.

"As I was leaving the store I couldn’t help but wish my own grandson could be more like Nathaniel," she wrote. "I know that’s terrible of me to say as a grandmother. Don’t get me wrong I love my Tyler to death, but he is so rude to me sometimes. Whenever I ask for computer help he just tells me to google it. He dresses in all black and it really disturbs me. His mother says it’s only a phase, I hope so. Perhaps I’ll see Nathaniel again and I can ask him to be friends with Tyler so that he has a good influence."

Whoever is in charge of choosing the best comment to display in Kroger's "Customer Comment of the Week" box clearly fell in love with this note about Nathaniel (and Tyler.) An Imgur user who posted a photo of the comment said that it hasn't been changed in two weeks and they "hope they never take it down."

We agree, but even if the comment eventually comes down, this grandma's epic guilt trip will live on forever. As the user wrote, "Get your shit together, Tyler. Be more like Nathaniel."

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