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Singer Turns ‘All About That Bass’ Into A Song For

Meghan Trainor’s summer earworm is totally catchy, but it’s difficult to totally get behind the body positive message with the subtle skinny shaming that’s mixed in with the lyrics.

Don’t get it twisted: Loving yourself is important, but not at the expense of those “skinny bitches.”

That’s exactly what Natty Valencia believes. The Canadian singer and songwriter thought the lyrics of “All About That Bass” needed a tweak. So, she created her own acoustic version of the song.

And the result? We’re totally into her version that says “love the skin you’re in, don’t worry about your size” and that she’ll never be a fake, plastic fantasy girl so guys who want that “don’t deserve me.”

Love it! Valencia might’ve reimagined the song of the summer, but she still appreciates what Trainor wanted to get through. “I think that the intent behind the song was really noble,” Valencia says in the YouTube clip, adding that it shouldn’t just be about fat shaming, but body shaming in general — including skinny shaming. “Just because I don’t have these beautiful curves doesn’t mean I’m any less of a human being.”

But, more importantly, it’s about the message we’re sending young girls.

“We should not be telling these young, impressionable girls that they have to measure up to A, B and C so they get this ‘grand prize’ of a man holding them at night,” she adds. “What about holding yourself at night?”

Preach, Natty.

Check out her version of “All About That Bass” — and be prepared to sing her version of the lyrics all month.

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