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Kim Kardashian’s Bust Baring Maternity Dress — New Pic

Kim is rocking her new pregnancy curves! The reality TV star went for frozen yogurt in LA in a long, flowing maternity dress, and her ample cleavage was busting out. Do YOU like her look?

Kim Kardashian appeared to have finally started dressing comfortably for her pregnancy when she was spotted in leggings and tennis shoes on April 2, but now she has gone back to being a glamor puss! The pregnant star of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami wore sandals and a cream maxi dress on April 3, and her cleavage could barely be contained! Do you love or loath her look? Vote!

Kim Kardashian’s Revealing Maternity Dress

Kim, 32, went to the Sweet Harts frozen yogurt shop in Sherman Oaks with her stepbrother Brandon Jenner and his wife Leah Felder, and she snacked on yogurt and fruit.

Kim looked like Rapunzel with her long flowing hair, but her new dress could barely contain her cleavage! Kim has come under scrutiny for wearing a number of tight and bizarre outfits during her pregnancy, and while she clearly looks more comfortable in this long loose dress, she is in serious jeopardy of having a boob wardrobe malfunction!

However, a top stylist told that flats and loose dresses are exactly what Kim should be wearing!

Kim Kardashian: Pregnancy Style Advice

“In the next couple of months, Kim’s body will be changing and the proportions of her silhouettes will have to be tweaked. My style advice for her is to keep it monochromatic, simple, and streamlined with fabrics that have stretch and can highlight her curves,” Nina Garcia, creative director at Marie Claire, exclusively told “This season, she is lucky that Spring is all about long flowy dresses and flats—and both would make her look very cool, like a goddess. Designers like Donna Karan always have clothes that have a bit of stretch, which is majorly important. It is not about trying so hard. Keep it simple, keep it comfortable and stay confident!”

Personally, I think Kim looked best when she was wearing her loose black shirt and leggings at the airport — a more comfortable style looks best!

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers? Does Kim look good or bad in this new maternity dress?

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— Eleanore Hutch

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