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I Just Tried The Most Bendy Sex Toy Ever — It Was Heaven

When I heard that Dame Products' new sex toy was made to mimic a human hand I had one question: Why would I need that, when I already have hands?

But guess what? My hands don't vibrate. And Dame Products' new vibe, Pom, does. What's so special about a vibrator that, well, vibrates? That's where the human hand-esque design comes back in. None of the sex toys I currently own (a pretty impressive collection, I must say) bend as much as Pom. The little toy, which fits in the palm of your hand, can bend completely in half. Think of it like a hand stretched out as tall as it can go and then diving the fingers down to meet the palm. Pom makes the same kind of motion.

That's cool and all (and also takes some very smart engineers to figure out the mechanics), but why would anyone need such a flexible sex toy? It's all about pressure, y'all. Pom's finger-like flexibility lets users put as much pressure on their clitoris (or other body part) as they want, without having to move the position of the toy itself. "Part of the inspiration for Pom was the realization that many vibrators that were designed to be ergonomic [meaning that they'd work for any body] only fit my anatomy until I really started using them," Janet Lieberman, cofounder and chief technology officer of Dame Products, says to Refinery29. "When things got hot and heavy, I ended up having to tilt the products up to apply pressure, and then they were limited to a point contact."

Pom lets you apply pressure anywhere you want. The toy has both a smooth side for vibes over a large area and a side with a pointed ridge for a more targeted sensation. Generally, Lieberman expects that people will use the toy by holding it over their mons pubis (the mound of tissue at the top of your vulva, if you have one) and placing the ridge directly on their clits. But nearly 100 people tested out a prototype of Pom and many also flipped the toy around and let it stimulate their whole vulva, while still putting the ridge near their clit, Lieberman says. No matter the orientation you choose, being able to bend the toy to apply more or less pressure comes in handy (pun intended).

Thankfully, Pom is made to mimic a hand only in its motions, not its looks. The toy comes in two colors, plum or jade (basically, magenta and a light green). And it looks something like a computer mouse — if a computer mouse was designed by a millennial. It doesn't look like a traditional sex toy at all, and that means that Pom is great for travel (since the TSA probably wouldn't realize that it's a sex toy). You could even leave it on your dresser while company comes over without raising any eyebrows.

Still not convinced you need a sex toy that bends in half? Let me tell you, it works — at least, it did for my body. When I tried Pom, I took the same route as the second set of Dame's testers and placed the toy over my whole vulva. Being able to hold the toy in the palm of my hand made it easier to grip than a lot of the other external clit vibrators I own. And the bendy body was fun to play with by adding more pressure when I wanted an intense vibration and backing off when I wanted less. If you're into edging — bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm and then stopping right before you come — this is a good toy for you.

I did find that it's easy to accidentally turn up the vibration speed on Pom, and going from a slight buzz one second to a raging vibration the next was pretty damn shocking. But that's the only (slight) downside to this toy, in my opinion. Pom is whisper-quiet, made of some of the softest silicone I've ever touched, fun to play with, and pretty to look at — it's definitely a great addition to any sex toy box.

You can now pre-order Pom for $95. Shipments start November 15.

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