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WWE Legend Claims To Have Slept With 10,000 Women, According To New Doco

Someone's been sleeping around: WWE Legend Ric Flair is officially a player.

In a new documentary set to be aired in November, the wrestling Hall of Famer reveals that he's slept with 10,000 women. However Flair isn't proud of his "exploits' and regrets revealing the number to ESPN but did admit it is accurate, according to the Sun.

Previously, Flair famously referred to his penis as "Space Mountain" and would often ask women if they "wanted a ride".

"What i said was the truth, but i feel bad now that i said some of it," says Flair speaking to People. "Ten Thousand women. I Wish i hadn't said that because of my grandkids."

It's been a tough few months for the 68-year-old, recently suffering serious health complications before being discharged. Due to excessive drinking, Flair suffered issues with his kidney and bowel before recovering, vowing to turn his life around.

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