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Men Gushing About Their Better Halves Will Renew Your Faith In Love

When you’re in a healthy, positive relationship, the person you’re with doesn’t just make you happier—they can actually make you better, too. Many people resist changing who they are for someone else, but the truth is that it’s less changing for someone else and more evolving as a human being who is ready and responsible enough to really be with another person.

It makes sense that the person you’re around the most and with whom you’re in love with would help you improve as an individual. They influence you in the best possible ways. 

To celebrate this, we asked seven guys to give us all the mushy details on how their partners changed them for the better—because everyone loves a good upgrade. 

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"At the time, I was much less sexually experienced than she was, and she taught me a lot about the really beneficial physical aspects of a loving relationship. I grew into a better, more intimate, and more empathetic person when I was with her. I guess you could say I learned how to make love, as cliché as that might sound." —Carter F.


"I was very resistant to let my wife—who was at the time my girlfriendchange my look, which she started doing a couple months after we got serious. I was like, ‘I have my look, and I’m not changing it for you or for anybody.’ But then I started taking some of her fashion advice, and people would compliment me on my new clothes, shoes, and haircut. I mean, she started dating me when I dressed like an idiot, so it isn’t like my style was deal-breaker. She just wanted to help. Now that I dress better, I feel more respected by a lot of people, and I just feel generally better about myself." —Sam P.


"There’s no doubt that I’ve become a much better listener since I met my fiancée. If I don’t listen to something she says, she makes sure I know about it and pay for it later. I used to go through my days hearing but not really listening, and you miss a lot when you go about life that way." —Evan K.

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"When I was a single guy and I only looked out for myself, I definitely lacked follow-through. I would say I was going to do something, like start looking for a new job or even something as small as do my laundry, and I would put it off forever. Now, when she brings up that I haven’t followed through on something I talked about doing, we discuss why I think I should follow through with it, and then I usually try to. I appreciate it now, but I’m sure that 20 years down the line when we’re married I’ll just refer to her help as ‘nagging’ like my dad does." —Kevin N.


"We’ve been doing this since we met shortly after I graduated college, when I was unable to make really anything for myself. I just ordered in all the time and didn’t appreciate how satisfying it is to make a meal for myself and for others. We started our cooking together ritual the week after she opened the refrigerator at my then-apartment and found only a bottle of ketchup, beer, a Brita filter, and a bunch of packets of condiments that had come with my takeout. Instead of making fun of me, she offered to teach me to cook. I still can’t bake for sh*t, but I can now cook. Kind of." —Preston H.


"She’s a middle school English teacher and is set in her ways of always correcting you when you write something the wrong way. A few weeks after we met, she said she almost didn’t go on a second date with me because I used ‘your’ where I should’ve used ‘you’re.’ But instead, she just corrected me and agreed to a second date. She’s been correcting me ever since." —Drew S.

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