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9 Perfect Comebacks For When Someone Judges Your Relationship

No one really knows what goes on in other people’s relationships. But few people will let a minor detail like that stop them from giving you their unsolicited opinions, because “they just want you to be happy.”

Having your relationship judged is uncomfortable and off-putting, and frankly, it can leave you at a loss for words…until now. So keep a few of these comebacks in your back pocket. The next time someone tries to tell you how to live your love life, you’ll be able to shut them down faster than they can wipe that smug look off of their faces.

1. "Well, no one’s perfect. But your boyfriend knows that."

2. "Every couple has the same problems, I guess: stress, communication, and judgmental friends."

3. "Maybe we can talk more about that over a big salad sometime. Please tell me you’re finally eating healthier."

4. "I don’t say anything about your man—even though he’s a cat."

5. "So, just to clarify, you think I’m an amazing and smart person who can’t be trusted to make her own decisions? Okay..."

6. "I am loving this new lipstick I got. Unless you think I should feel differently about it?"

7. "Sounds like you really know what makes the perfect guy. Maybe you should get out there and find him."

8. "He accepts me for who I am. I can’t say that for everyone in my life."

9. "I’d love to get more tips on how to be happy from you. Are you still spending all of your weekends binge-watching CSI?"

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