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This Is The Number One Deal Breaker For Both Men And Women

Both women and men often have some qualities in mind that they look for in a partner, but equally, there are some qualities that they will avoid altogether.

Relationship deal breakers vary person to person, however a recent survey has shown that some traits are definitely more commonly considered undesirable than others.

The Vapourlites survey asked 846 women and 827 men in the UK about the habits they find off-putting when they are looking for a partner.

The results for each sex were quite different. The number one deal breaker for women looking for a male partner was smoking, with 26% of women listing it as no-go. Second was 'cancelling plans' (19%), then 'betting' (14%) and 'drinking too much' (11%).

Meanwhile, men listed 'spending too much time on their phones' as the top deal breaker when looking for a female partner. Next was 'spending too long getting ready', then 'smoking', then 'gossiping about friends and family'.

Of course, this all comes down to preferences. When looking for a partner, you want to find someone that accepts you, bad habits and all.

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