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Shorts With Built-In Personal Trainer Are The Siri Of Workout Wear

A new company offers clothing that communicates to help users improve their strides — or their swings.

Wearable technology may be the latest “thing,” but it’s getting a run for its money with the addition of Performance 3D’s 3D SMART Garment Technology. So long, Fitbit?

Perhaps not, but check this out: Imagine getting feedback about your workout just by wearing special shorts. This feedback would help you improve your performance and protect against sports-related injuries.

The patent-pending 3D SMART Garment technology enables 3D SMART Garment clothing to communicate with the person wearing it, giving him or her positive and negative feedback via sensors in the clothing. The sensors in the clothing share feedback during and after workouts and detect threats to the body — such as running improperly — so the user can correct it and prevent potential injuries during the workout. All of the information works with a cloud-based software program.

In short, we’re not just tracking calories here. This technology can tell you if you’re favoring one side of your body over the other, or if you could be using a more productive walking stride. In turn, it helps the wearer prevent sports-related injuries. This can speed up recovery and rehabilitation time. It can also boost your performance to make sure you’re getting the most out of every workout.

Zig Ziegler, a sports kinesiologist, developed the technology. He has helped some of the world’s best athletes improve their game, and has performed more than 50,000 3-D motion analysis-based evaluations of athletes.

It’s 5K season, which could give you the perfect excuse to finally perfect your walking or running technique.

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