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A1:I Had A Busy, Well -Known Doctor Bring In The Nanny To The Parent/Teacher Conference. Whenever I

A1:I had a busy, well -known doctor bring in the nanny to the parent/teacher conference. Whenever I spoke directly to the mother she would say to the nanny, “ Are you getting all this because you are the one that needs to be paying attention. By the time I get home I don’t want to have to deal with any of this. “

A2:This is so infuriating. I was a nanny once and I swear the parents looked to me for how to raise their own kid. My job was not to take over. My job was to do as I was told with their child because everyone has different opinions as to how to raise their kids and then go home. So I’d be at a loss for what to do, make a decision based on what I thought was best, and then I’d get weird backlash where apparently I should have known to do something else. I’m also pretty positive the child was autistic and I kept mentioning how she wasn’t speaking, but they just kept denying it. I had to leave after the couple started using me as scapegoat for their weird marriage.

A3:As a landscaper I work on alot of rich peoples houses. This is actually alot more common then you would think. The one that comes to mind is stay at home mom marred into one of the richest families around here. She has 2 kids and a nanny and a housecleaner. Those poor kids have the top of the line everything. There swing set costs more then my house. What they don't have is parents they have a couple adults that pay to keep them alive. Its really sad the kids are cool.

A4:We expelled a kid who destroyed a classroom and office totaling about 4 grand worth of damage. He assaulted 4 staff members who were trying to contain him without touching him (no one wants to lose their job over this kid), one of them required medical attention, and he threatened to accuse his teacher of sexual and physical abuse.

During the meeting with his parents we were told that all he needed from us was "love".

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