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Uterine Or Endometrial Cancer

👉🏻Uterine or endometrial cancer usually strikes after menopause, but because one of the symptoms is abnormal bleeding, it can be confused with symptoms of perimenopause.

👉🏻We have to be cognizant about irregular bleeding and not blow it off as being perimenopausal.

👉🏻Being overweight ups your risk of this type of cancer, and other symptoms include thin vaginal discharge, painful urination, and pain during sex.

👉🏻Cervical and vaginal cancers can also cause irregular bleeding.

👉🏻Chances are, irregular periods are not a sign of cancer, but it’s always best to get checked out sooner rather than later.

👉🏻Cancer needs to be ruled out and that’s why we don’t want women to brush (irregular periods) under the carpet.

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