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Wear Your Sturdiest Sports Bras All Day To Deal With Swollen And Achy Period

Wear your sturdiest sports bras all day to Deal With Swollen and Achy Period Boobs.

👉🏻Squashing your boobs down in a sports bra may seem counterintuitive (was there ever a better time to just let them hang free?).

👉🏻But a really supportive, non-underwire bra might actually be your best friend during your period.

👉🏻Close-fitting sports bras are helpful in keeping the breasts close to the body, which keeps their movement at bay, and thus decreases the pain associated with unrestricted movement.

👉🏻Even a soft non-underwire bra can help. If the breast ligaments are stretched due to increased breast size, a soft bra relieves that strain on the ligaments.

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