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Pads & Tampon Alternatives: Meet Your Menstruation

Pads & Tampon Alternatives: Meet Your Menstruation Heroes

Have you been wondering what menstrual products to use when Aunt Flo is in town? There are lots of options to choose from nowadays, from reusable to disposable. It can get a little overwhelming to figure out what works best for you. Read up on the alternative menstrual product options, so you are prepared for your next period!

Most girls start using pads when they are new to the period world. You do NOT need to start with these, but it’s what most girls are comfortable with. You have a few options:

1) Disposable pads

This is what you would usually find in your local drug stores and grocery stores. There are all different kinds - from brands to sizes, depending on your flow. They easily stick to your underwear and when you’re done with them, you can toss it in the garbage.

They are really easy to use, which is why girls usually feel most comfortable starting with pads.

2) Reusable pads

These bad boys are usually 100% cotton pads with wings, so you can clip it under your underwear. They have removable inserts, which absorbs your flow. There are different varieties like panty liners to overnight pads.

You don’t want to toss these, as they are reusable - just wash and reuse! They are a great eco-friendly option. They usually last a few years, so you save you money, too.

Tampons are different than pads, as they are inserted and absorb your flow. If you are interested, you can find organic cotton, too. Here are your options:

1) Applicator

The applicator helps you insert the tampon into your vagina. It is usually made of plastic of cardboard.

2) No applicator

Some prefer no applicator, as it is easier for them, and eco-friendly, as you aren’t disposing of excessive plastic and paper. It’s the usual cotton part of the tampon with a string, so you would insert into your vagina with assistance from your fingers.

Menstrual Cups
Menstrual cups are a great pad and tampon alternative, as you insert it, like a tampon, but it collects your flow, and then you dispose of the blood. If you are looking for a greener period too, this is your match! It takes some getting used to, but lots of women are switching to menstrual cups. Don’t worry, we did a whole blog post on how to use them, check it out. Here are your options:

1) Disposable cups
K these look intimidating, but once you master it, they work wonders! They are disposable menstrual discs that can be inserted for up to 12 hours long. They are said to hold over 3 tampons worth of moisture. Once you take it out, you can dispose of your flow in the toilet, then toss the disc in the garbage!

2) Reusable cups
These period heroes are made of high quality healthcare grade silicone. They can also be inserted for up to 12 hours, depending on your flow. When you are done, you dispose of the fluid, clean it and then insert again. Once your menstrual cycle is done, that’s when you disinfect it. They can last for a few years, so you will be saving the earth and lots of money!

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