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Why Do I Poop More When I Have My Period?

👉🏻The answer is prostaglandins. These are the chemical signals girls' and women's bodies make and send to the uterus to tell it to contract, thus expelling the uterine lining at the end of the menstrual cycle.

👉🏻Prostaglandins aren't super picky about whom they talk to, however. If the body sends enough of them to the uterus, some stray prostaglandins will make it over to the bowel, which is located nearby.

👉🏻Not all women experience more frequent bowel movements when they have their periods. Some girls feel the effects of prostaglandin on their bowels as nausea. Others actually get diarrhea. Still others are not so bothered at all.

👉🏻Another reason some women poop more during their periods is because their progesterone levels fall.

👉🏻Progesterone is a hormone whose levels cycle with the menstrual cycle. Normally, at the middle of her cycle, a woman's progesterone levels are high.

👉🏻Just before her period, however, the levels drop suddenly, which helps kick off the period.

👉🏻Progesterone is naturally a bit constipating, too, so its sudden decline can make you feel like you really gotta go.

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  • Cynda Hall

    Cynda Hall

    2019-11-08 02:46:31

    I’ve always wondered that question!!! Thank you for answering it☺️

  • GloRida


    2019-11-08 02:46:41

    I've always wondered this too! Thank you for the answer!

  • Lynnette Jansen

    Lynnette Jansen

    2019-11-10 02:57:59

    I know it thanks !!!

  • Jinnifer Rose

    Jinnifer Rose

    2019-11-11 05:38:11

    I have some of my best poops during my period 🥴😊

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