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5 Reasons You Should Have Sex On Your Period

1.It takes the performance element out of sex

“Tantra is kind of like the anti-porn,” Richmond believes. While porn isn’t necessarily bad, it can make a person feel like whatever is happening on screen is the sexual norm. This puts the focus of sex off of pleasure and makes it more of a presentation. “Porn is performance-based, [but tantric sex] is all about helping people slow down and get out of this performance mindset,” she explains.

This means not obsessing over what your body is “supposed” to look like and getting into a deeper headspace of thinking and feeling. How can you and your partner achieve this shift? “Start with eye gazing. Sit together so you’re facing each other, holding hands, and gaze into each other’s eyes,” Richmond advises. This moves the focus away from anxious, desire-killing thoughts like, “Am I going to stay hard?" or "What does my cellulite look like?”

2.It allows you to communicate exactly what you like

As many mindfulness practices do, tantric sex requires concentrating on exactly what you’re experiencing in the moment. Richmond says that you and your partner should focus intensely on exactly what feels good while you're touching, then letting each other know what strokes you want more of.

"Be as specific as possible,” Richmond advises. For example, you could say, “I love it when you touch me here,” she suggests. You could also note that you don’t like being touched in a certain area. “Focusing on touch—what does his hand on your stomach feel like?” Richmond says. “Get out of your head and into your body—that’s what tantra’s all about.”

3.Connection is one of the pillars of tantric sex

If you’re looking for ways to bond with your partner more deeply, tantric sex is for you. While fast, carnal quickies are fun, tantra is about getting into positions that require physical closeness and eye contact, so you connect on a more soulful level. “For better connection I almost always recommend positions where you’re facing each other,” Richmond says.

Tantric sex also encourages couples to devote a lot of time to getting it on. “This idea of a deeper connection that’s not just about getting off—it’s about longer sessions,” Richmond explains. As a guideline, she says the minimum amount of time tantric sex lasts is about 15 minutes. The maximum? Some of her clients have reported having tantric sex for "hours and hours.”

Considering the average regular sex session clocks in at seven minutes, this is a drastic increase in time spent having sex with your partner. Think of it as an investment that pays off with a deeper relationship and more intense pleasure.

4.You get to redefine what sex is

Practicing tantric sex means throwing expectations of sex out the window. “Redefine what sex is. Sex is absolutely not just penetration,” Richmond explains. Before you have tantric sex, don't focus on what you think you and your partner should be doing in bed. Instead think: “What do you want it to be for you today? Do you want penetration? Do you want to masturbate together?”

Richmond says that often couples simply go through the motions when they’re having sex without stopping to think about what they want to do. Taking the time to figure that out is one benefit that will make your relationship more honest and open.

5.It can lead to better orgasms

If you’re not already convinced you should give it a try, this might convince you: more and better Os.

It’s not surprising that sex designed to intensify your connection with your partner and help you focus on what feels good might lead to a better finale. Richmond says her patients have confirmed this, telling her their orgasms are more intense during tantric sex. “The orgasms are better, especially if they’re looking into each other’s eyes,” she says.

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  • Yuliana Gutierrez

    Yuliana Gutierrez

    2019-12-10 14:46:47

    Very true !

  • maya


    2019-12-15 15:41:12

    in my opinion you shouldn't because it's actually a sin you can see that in the book of leviticus 18 19 kjv

  • Sharlyne Silva

    Sharlyne Silva

    2019-12-18 23:18:57

    Having sex in your period is disgusting 🤮

  • Makayla Joy

    Makayla Joy

    2019-12-19 06:23:41

    meh sex in your period is not bad at all lol ya sure it can get a little messy but not like its going to kill u in fact having sex on your period can get rid of cramps and that's a big +

  • Krystal Nicholson

    Krystal Nicholson

    2019-12-21 16:39:36

    who ever wrote this is nasty as Hell and can go straight to Hell!!

  • Ree-Ree Perry

    Ree-Ree Perry

    2019-12-21 17:41:14

    I agree its nun wrong with having sex on ur period... I just did now with my hubby 🤣u just gotta have it before ur fully on. yes it does and is messy n I can say nasty if ur fully on ur period smell is terrible then😂😉😎ijs.. lighten up ppl so serious all the time! like y'all have never done nun spontaneous n ur life b4! n the judgemental r most likely the ppl that don't get enough r don't get nun at all😉😋period point blank!

  • Lily Must

    Lily Must

    2019-12-30 19:43:48

    I’m someone who has sex all the time with my husband and we’ve tried it on my period as well, nothing fun about it! I then learned that when a women is on her period, her body is cleansing her uterus, why would you have intercourse while you are dirty down there? Imagine having sex in a pool of filth. It’s not good for you. IT. IS. NOT. HEALTHY! And it is a sin period.

  • rachel holdman

    rachel holdman

    2019-12-30 22:41:18

    @maya I appreciate the point however, the birth of Jesus we are no longer under the Mosaic Law that would make it a “sin”. It’s simply a personal preference 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Leatha Marie

    Leatha Marie

    2020-01-20 23:57:53

    i think that when my hubby does it then he must love me bc it is messy but does get rid of cramps .we just do it in the shower and it always turns out great :)

  • Gloria Boswell

    Gloria Boswell

    2020-01-23 14:25:45

    some people are so deep

  • Gloria Boswell

    Gloria Boswell

    2020-01-23 14:26:15

    yes it do

  • Colleen Kennedy

    Colleen Kennedy

    2020-01-31 04:42:23

    Ok for me it has nothing to do with religion it's just uncomfortable. For both me and my partner.

  • Chloe Davis

    Chloe Davis

    2020-01-31 05:06:33

    get off a sexual wellness app if you're going to bring religion. this is supposed to be for sexual openness. get over yourself.

  • Tina Garza

    Tina Garza

    2020-01-31 14:40:06

    i have noticed it helps with cramps and also lightens your cycle... i had long heavy periods and now they are short and lighter its also a bonding opportunity between you and your significant other❤❤

  • Rachel Chavers

    Rachel Chavers

    2020-02-05 17:31:17

    So is sex before marriage, so is cursing, so is being disrespectful, so is lying, cheating, judging, etc. There’s a lot of other things are are sins that people, INCLUDING YOU, do every day. So if you really want to bring religion into this, then go elsewhere. I’m not telling you that it’s bad to be religious, because I am as well, but you don’t have to sit here and say things like this.

  • Keva Chambliss

    Keva Chambliss

    2020-02-06 16:32:24


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