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What Are The Harsh Truths About Marriage That All Girls Need To

What are the harsh truths about marriage that all girls need to know?

Marriages are nothing but a human made concept so that no one dies alone.

As well all know that human population is in billions. We all are different in our own ways but still when it comes to marriage, almost everyone wants to be a part of it.

But why is that?

Let's understand how human emotions work.

First let's see from the guy's point of view:

Free sex
Someone who takes care of his old parents while he's busy in office.
Home made food as one cannot stay alive long enough on outside food.
Most of the guys never get girlfriend in their lives but marriages gives all of them a chance to be with a girl.
Everyone else is doing the same and they don't want to feel left out.
To overcome the loneliness and monotonous life routine (which marriages also become after some time).
When it comes to girl, they have different expectations from a marriage:

Financial freedom for most of them.
Someone who pampers them.
Most of their friends are getting married.
They feel left out when friends talk about husband and babies.
Most of them fantasize about their marriage and honeymoon.
Then there comes the harsh truth:

Most of their expectations don't meet with the expectations of men and that's when conflicts start.

Even sex is one of the main catalyst of this reaction but even that fades away with time. Simply because we humans are engineered in such way that if we do one thing thousand times in the same manner, we tend to get bored.

As per survey, newly married couples have 5 or more time sex in a week which drastically reduces to once a month after 5 years of marriage.

By that time, those two people have become used to it. We humans are the creatures of habit. Even if something is wrong but for too long then we become habitual to that thing.

People believe that everyone should get married. The guy who abuses and becomes violent with his wife should've gotten married? Or the women who has the past history of cheating in multiple relationships?!

Just because two people have signed some legal documents, you start believing that they will live happily?!

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