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Labor And Delivery Tips: Hire A Doula

Labor and Delivery Tips: Hire a doula

Research has shown that when a woman receives continuous labour support from a doula she is less likely to require pain medication and other medical interventions.

“My doula made all the difference,” says Brody. “She was there when my strength and courage wavered.” Doulas are trained providers of labour support. They encourage a woman to focus and breathe, suggest positions to help labour progress and provide encouragement. “It helped to have a woman attend who had experience with birth. I appreciated her strong support for my decisions in labour,” says Brody. “Afterwards, because she witnessed the birth, I was able to debrief with her and feel I made the right decisions.”

To find a doula, ask for referrals from your caregiver, childbirth educator, friends and colleagues. Or check the following websites:

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