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3 Exercises For A Small Waist And Flat

3 Exercises For A Small Waist and Flat Stomach

1. Pelvic Scoop Exercises to Shrink waist

The pelvic scoop workout is one of the best moves to get a smaller waist. This exercise not only targets your waist, it also targets the entire lower body. It works your butt, lower back, obliques, rectus abdominis and also the transversus abdominis. Follow the guide below to perform the pelvic scoop.

• Begin by lying on the floor with your face up and your back resting on a folded towel.
• Ensure your knees are bent and your feet also flat on the ground. Your arms should also be by your sides.
• Cross your right ankle to the left thigh and place it above the knee. The bent right knee should point out to the other side.
• Flex your left foot and make sure only the heel is resting on the floor.
• Round your lower back, engage your abs, and then bring your hips from off the floor. Ensure your pelvis tilts upwards just toward the ribs.
• Curl the pelvis as far as you possibly can and make sure you do not arch your back.
• Now lower back to the ground.
• Perform about 10 reps on each side of your body.
• You should do about 3 sets of this exercise.

2. Side Plank-Up Exercise for Flat Stomach

The side plank-up is another fantastic exercise to get a smaller waist. It is a simple, yet effective exercises that can be performed virtually anywhere.

This exercise targets your inner thighs, obliques, rectus abdominis and the transversus abdomens. Follow the instructions below to perform the side plank-up to slim your waistline.

• Begin by lying on your left side on the floor.
• Ensure your legs are stacked and also, you should place a rolled-up towel between your thighs.
• Now bring up your hips and let your body form a straight line from the head all the way down to your toe. At the same time, squeeze the towel between your thighs.
• Hold this position for about 1-2 seconds and bring yourself down to the starting position.
• Do about 10 reps on both sides and perform 3 sets.

3. C-Curve Exercise for Flat Belly

The c-curve move is one of the best waist shaping workouts on how to get a smaller waist.

This exercise is beneficial to your entire lower body as it targets your inner thighs, transversus and rectus abdominis, calves , and quads.

Below is a guide on how to perform the c-curve move for a tiny waist.

• Begin by standing and facing a wall with your legs placed together.
• Roll up a towel and squeeze it in-between your thighs.
• Slightly bend your knees and then hinge forward just at the hips and place your palms on the wall.
• Your arms should be extended to ensure that your back is almost parallel to the ground.
• Rise onto your toes, engage your abs, and also squeeze the towel at the same time.
• Maintathe in position for about 20 seconds.
• You should do about 3 sets. 15 rep

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