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Am I Pregnant, Or Am I Sick?

Often, this question comes up because of nausea and/or vomiting. Other times it has to do with abdominal cramping, indigestion, or headaches. Some women even associate common cold-like symptoms, like a runny nose, with early pregnancy. If you are nauseated, vomiting, cramping, or having headaches only a couple to a few days after having sex, it is unlikely that these have to do with pregnancy from that experience.

If you are experiencing nausea/vomiting slightly before your expected period, wait to see if your menstrual period does come – if your period is normal, it is less likely this nausea/vomiting is due to pregnancy; go see your doctor because you are likely sick.

Having a runny nose is not normally connected to early pregnancy unless you are experiencing other symptoms of early pregnancy along with it. If all you have is a runny nose, this is unlikely indicative of a pregnancy.

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