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1. When You’re Pregnant, Your Husband Is Still

1. When You’re Pregnant, Your Husband Is Still Important
What your new child will need, more than anything else except a relationship with Christ, is the knowledge that his or her parents’ marriage is rock solid. The best thing that you can do for your child is to wholeheartedly love their dad. When that marriage is strong, the child is secure, so can concentrate on learning about navigating the rest of the world.

I know it’s easy to say, “well, he’s the one who got me in this situation, so he should just cope,” but that’s not really fair. Parenthood is a huge adjustment, and you need to reassure yourself that you and your husband are still on the same page. Sex is God’s way for us to do that.

2. Listen to Your Doctor About Sex While Pregnant
Obviously, for some women sex isn’t a good idea. If you’re spotting or having contractions early, you need to talk to your doctor. So everything I’m saying here is based on your doctor saying it’s okay!

Sometimes the husband is the one worried about sex because he doesn’t want to hurt the baby (or poke the baby, as one commenter said). In normal pregnancies, sex does not hurt anything at all. And the baby really doesn’t feel the poking. If your husband would be reassured by talking to the doctor, then this may be a good idea!

3. Get Real About How You Feel
Yes, you feel awful. Yes, you’re a beached whale. But here’s the truth: that is not going to change, whether or not you have sex. If you lie there and don’t make love, you’ll still be a beached whale. You’ll still be nauseous.

It’s not like abstaining from sex while pregnant makes these conditions feel better! It’s just that you don’t have to get yourself in the mood. And the thought that you could actually be in the mood at the same time as you’re feeling sick sounds awfully far-fetched.

4. Get as Much Rest as Possible
Nap when your older children nap (if you have any). Nap as often as possible if you don’t have any kids. And talk to your husband about helping around the house. Explain to him that if you get more rest, you’ll likely be more “in the mood” later!

5. Try Different Positions
As you get bigger, the missionary position will become pretty much impossible. First, it’s very uncomfortable to lie on your back, and second, you’re a weird shape! But you can try you on top, or spooning. Read this post on the importance of getting the right angle when you make love for it to feel good.

And, if you’re nearing your due date and you’re desperate to go into labor, sex actually can help trigger labor later on!

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