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While Certain Foods Can Put You In The Mood For Sex, Others Can Decrease Your Libido And Make You

While certain foods can put you in the mood for sex, others can decrease your libido and make you lose interest in sex altogether. Here are the foods and drinks you should avoid consuming before sex:
- Coffee - The caffeine in coffee can make you feel more nervous and cause stomach issues, which is the last thing you want in bed.
- Fried Potatoes - While fries are delicious, they can make you feel full and uncomfortable after eating.
- Nachos - Nachos that contain beans and sugars can cause you to produce gas, which could kill the mood later on.
- Burritos - The mixture of cheese, beans, onions, meat, and other ingredients in a burrito can taste delicious, but often can lead you running to the restroom.
- Margaritas - Sweet, alcoholic drinks taste great but are more difficult to digest.

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