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When Is The Best Time To Take A Pregnancy Test

When Is The Best Time To Take A Pregnancy Test

Trying to conceive or had unprotected sex? Then the one question you will have if you have a missed or delayed period is, “Am I pregnant?” You might be eager to buy that home pregnancy kit and take the test right away. But a home pregnancy test can be tricky if you do not do it properly.

🔼What Is A Pregnancy Test?

Pregnancy tests are designed to show if your urine contains a hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG). This hormone is released right after the fertilized egg implants on the uterine lining and keeps doubling every two to three days

You can take the pregnancy test at home or visit an OB-GYN. Home pregnancy test kits are sold in drug stores. If you take the test at home, make sure to follow all the instructions correctly.

🔼When Is The Best Time To Take A Pregnancy Test?

You can take a pregnancy test as soon as you miss your monthly menstrual cycle. Sometimes, it also works a few days before the period due date. As mentioned above, the pregnancy kit detects the hCG hormone produced during pregnancy. Your body may be producing this hormone even before your period due date.

However, it is too early to take the test on the days before the missed period. It may give you an inaccurate result. Even if it shows a positive result, it may not develop into a pregnancy because of spontaneous miscarriage.

🔼When Are Pregnancy Tests Accurate?

Home pregnancy tests hold an accuracy rate of 99% when used on the first day of the missed period and after. The best time of the day to take a pregnancy test is in the morning when the urine is more concentrated.

The result may not be correct if you take the test too early in the menstrual month, do not use it properly or if the kit has passed the expiry date.

🔼When Is The Best Time To Test Pregnancy (Early Symptoms):

Instead of worrying about whether or not you are pregnant, you can check for some signs of pregnancy before you go for the home test (3). Some of the early signs of pregnancy are:

*Spotting or light bleeding that happens when the embryo implants itself in the uterus.

*Cramping or a strange feeling of pull in the tummy.

*Tenderness or swelling of your breasts. You will feel the discomfort and soreness when you touch them, or while wearing a bra.

*A feeling of tiredness. You will get exhaustive without any apparent reason.

*A heightened sense of smell.

*A sudden change in dietary habits. You may either be interested in trying foods you were not fond of earlier or may not want to eat something that you *have always loved eating.

*Awful taste in the mouth.

*Vaginal discharge associated with soreness.


You may notice the above signs and symptoms in the first seven to ten days after ovulation. If you are not sure when you ovulated but can still notice some or all of the symptoms, then take the pregnancy test sooner than later.

🔼How Long Will The Test Take To Work?

You can read the result between five and ten minutes. Any lines that you notice after ten minutes could be misleading, and you can ignore them. Also, reading sooner than five minutes would give an inaccurate result.

🔼What Does A Faint Line On A Pregnancy Test Indicate?

Sometimes, the test result shows a faint line, which indicates a low count of hCG hormone in the urine sample. The reason for the line to be fainter is because the concentration of the hormone is very low in the early pregnancy. On the other hand, the line may be darker if your pregnancy has progressed enough for a higher concentration of the hormone.

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  • nekotin.cosplay


    2019-06-26 09:00:42

    It's so nice.thx a lot!!

  • tayloralexashapiro


    2019-06-26 09:00:42

    Very useful article!

  • Micheline Duverger

    Micheline Duverger

    2019-10-28 02:05:34

    I have sex on my ovulation day so I take a test tomorrow so wish me, luck ladies, I want my boy 👦

  • Abigail Aaron Ustate

    Abigail Aaron Ustate

    2019-10-28 00:05:20

    That’s what I want to know because I already took 3 of theses and nothing and I just been feeling weird I haven’t got my period at all

  • Tamber Haynes

    Tamber Haynes

    2019-10-29 16:06:44

    I'm ready to have a boy I already got my girl I just need my boy now

  • jaya jones

    jaya jones

    2019-10-31 01:27:16

    Would i still get pregnant if i had sex 4 days before ovulation?

  • Maria De Jesus Moya

    Maria De Jesus Moya

    2019-10-31 22:43:08

    1day before ovulation?

  • Chitell Glasper

    Chitell Glasper

    2019-11-11 06:07:24

    chitell glasper

  • Daisy Hernandez

    Daisy Hernandez

    2019-11-13 22:44:50

    How soon can I take the test if I’ve been having sex everyday of my ovulation? Like to get the most accurate result? It says after I miss my period but is there any way before that? It’s cause I’m very irregular and don’t really know when my period is suppose to come.

  • Erica Leslie

    Erica Leslie

    2019-11-20 18:42:38

    HELP I'm 7 days late, taken few pregnancies test 2 were faint positive and 2 are negative. I've shown ALL signs of early pregnancy. I've made calls to my obgyn n I haven't heard back.

  • Erica Gowans

    Erica Gowans

    2019-11-25 10:20:51

    best tine to take a test is 1 day after missed period

  • Erica Gowans

    Erica Gowans

    2019-11-25 10:22:25

    i would not take it until after missed period i took one with my son it said no but i was pregnant so just wait

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