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Embarrassing Period Questions!!! 👉3. Is Toxic Shock Syndrome Really Something I Should Worry

Embarrassing Period Questions!!! 👉3. Is toxic shock syndrome really something I should worry about?

You've heard the horror story: a woman leaves her tampon in overnight and winds up in the hospital the next day, but is TSS a real concern these days?

""I have not heard of a case of 'toxic shock' in years,"" says Dr. Warshowsky. ""The issue seems to have been the long term use of high-absorption tampons. With the removal of these high-absorbency tampons, and not leaving them in overnight, the incidence is likely 1 to 3 per 100,000 tampon users per year.""

That's pretty low, but Dr. Hughes reminds us that although it's rare these days, toxic shock syndrome is still a potentially fatal infection.

Even if you probably won't get TSS, you should still know the symptoms: high fever, low blood pressure, confusion, and low energy.

""They can progress really quickly to stupor, coma, and multiple organ failure,"" Dr. Hughes cautions.

If you're concerned that you may have it, early treatment is paramount. Get yourself to a doctor, quickly.

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