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How To Soothe A Crying

How to Soothe A Crying Baby?

When mothers understand the meaning of the baby’s cry, it is easier to comfort her little one. Deciphering your baby’s cries is tricky in the beginning, especially the reason of baby crying at night.

But once you start listening closely, you will become an expert at interpreting baby’s cries. Mothers should look for clues in different cries in babies, such as:

🔸 how long it has been since the baby’s last feed
🔸 if the baby’s diaper needs changing
🔸 if the baby has been sleeping adequately for the past few days
🔸 if the baby shows any symptoms of infection or allergy such as a skin rash, breathing problems, redness, etc.

Soothing a crying baby is never easy but with attention to the sound and syllables of the cry, it can get better with time.

Some simple tricks that work for many moms are massaging the feet and toes in circular motion, blowing bubbles on the tummy, rocking the baby for some time, and singing or talking in a comforting voice.

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