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Shocking Facts: They Grow Hair And Consume It In The

Shocking Facts: They Grow Hair and Consume It In The Womb

At about four to five months into the pregnancy, babies begin to develop lanugo. This is a very thin, soft hair that covers their limbs and body.

The function of lanugo is debated. Some theories include that it’s a leftover from evolution that actually serves no function today, that it keeps the baby warm in the womb, and that it helps to protect the baby’s skin from being damaged by amniotic fluid.

Lanugo is present to a greater extent in premature babies which makes sense if it helps to keep them warm. The fine hair actually falls off before birth in most cases. But, that’s not the weirdest thing.

What’s really shocking is that babies consume their lanugo! In fact, that’s what contributes to their first poop. Gross, but true.

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