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1. They Constantly Need To Be Excited Or Thrilled By

1. They constantly need to be excited or thrilled by something.
Be very wary if your man has a flair for the dramatics and the thrills. If he’s constantly seeking excitement in life, you have to know that that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Part of being in a strong relationship is establishing stability.

2. They feel a sense of entitlement.
If you have a guy who has a sense of entitlement, then you really need to be careful. He’s someone who is going to feel like he has a right to do or say whatever he wants without having to worry about your thoughts on the matter.

3. They often act on impulse without thinking.
He’s a guy who is always acting impulsively. Sometimes, this has a great payoff. You have excitement and thrill in your relationship. However, when he just acts without thinking, that can be reckless a lot of the time. And a reckless man is going to make a lot of mistakes in his life – and in his relationships.

4. They are egotistical narcissists.
An egotistical narcissist is always going to do whatever he wants to do regardless of how much his actions might hurt or impact other people. He thinks that the world revolves around him and that he should have to answer to no one. He likens himself to a deity in the sense that all of his actions are justified because he is the one doing them.

5. They have a tendency to lie even about the little things.
If they’re lying to you about even the littlest things that wouldn’t even get them in trouble, what makes you think they won’t lie to you to make sure that they get away with the big stuff? A liar is likely to be a cheater because it’s impossible to cheat when you don’t lie about it.

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