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This Is What You Miss Out On If You Have Sex With Someone Too Soon

Waiting to do the deed may be the hottest thing you do. Having sex too soon with someone you just met can lower your chances of being in a relationship with that person. The best sex is not just about the physical act of having it. It’s the dance that happens before, during, and after.

There is something magical, intoxicating, and downright sexy about the build-up before going to bed with someone.

If the encounter is going to be wildly passionate and truly intimate, then the dance of getting close to each other through deep, intimate conversations, suggestive flirting, and long, lingering make-out sessions that hint at what’s to come, is key. We've all been guilty of giving ourselves away to someone a little too soon and later regretted it.

We miss out on the erotic build up.

We deprive ourselves of the experience of going part way, but not all the way there. We don’t get to lay in bed on a Saturday morning fantasizing about what the actual experience of making love to the person might be like based on the physical intimacy we’ve already shared with them so far.

We miss out on taking the time to build trust, emotional connection, and a level of comfort with each other first. And these are key ingredients to having amazing sex with someone.

Instead, we satisfy our body’s physical needs first. We get caught up in a heated frenzy of heavy breathing and reckless abandon because, at the moment, it just feels so good.

Until the days following the encounter when it doesn’t feel quite so good as it did that night because we don’t know where we stand with the person and we haven’t yet taken the time to have that conversation. And we often find ourselves feeling like maybe we should have waited just a little longer to build up that trust.

Being intimate can add a whole new delicious dynamic to your relationship, whether it’s a new one or one that’s been cooking for a while. Nowadays, more and more people are getting busy far earlier in a relationship than ever before. But, sometimes adding sex into the mix too early can complicate things far more than we expect.

I’m not at all suggesting that two consenting adults with tons of chemistry who are down with a no-strings-attached sexual relationship shouldn't go for it. If it works for you and you're both on the same page great!

But if you're looking for a deeper connection with someone or are searching for emotional intimacy in addition to the physical, then taking the time to get to know each other outside the bedroom is key too good sex.

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