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1.) SEX
To men, sex isn’t just a want – it is a physical need!

Your husband needs you to be there for him emotionally, which often means sexually.

In many cases (not all), men have higher sex drives than woman. Because of this, a lot of women start to see their husband’s desire for sex as a frustrating and nagging part of their marriage.

If you are no longer interested in him sexually, he will feel deeply hurt and resentful.

When faced with this dilemma, many husbands choose to go find sex elsewhere. (There is NEVER any excuse for infidelity, but it does happen.)

If you feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied yourself, talk to your husband or a marriage counselor/therapist. Educate yourself on each other’s needs and learn ways to fulfill them together.

Plain and simple – a man needs a woman who he finds attractive. Whether you want to admit it or not, men are VISUAL creatures!

What I love about this fact is that men have very different tastes in what they find beautiful.

My sisters and I all look very different from each other, but each one of our spouses find their wife to be the most beautiful.

I have heard women say, “I don’t care what he thinks! He should love me just the way I am!”

Although this statement has some truth, a woman should care about her husband’s opinion.

If your man loves it when you dress classy and wear a certain hairstyle, you should absolutely indulge him! I LOVE IT when my husband says “WOW!” when I walk by.

Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and an adequate amount of exercise. Even if your life is busy, there are always ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, make sure to maintain your sense of self.

In the beginning stages of your relationship, you should always look for signs that he is trying to change you.

While dating, many women choose to take an interest in the activities their man enjoys.

However, after they are married, this interest fades and they are no longer willing to join him in the recreational activities that they use to “enjoy” together.

Basically, the man was tricked into believing that they had so much in common.

Personally, I love sitting down with a cup of coffee and having a deep conversation. My husband would prefer to be outside throwing a football.

We have learned how to meet each other’s needs by finding a way to enjoy the experience ourselves.

Make an effort to take interest in a few of the activities that he enjoys!

YES, this will take some sacrifice on your part, but it will be worth it.

You don’t have to pretend to love hunting, fishing, or football; but you should try to find some common ground on at least a few of his favorite pastimes.

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