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HIV Symptoms Women Should Be Aware Of

Symptoms that could serve as warning signals of HIV infection may go ignored because many women do not perceive themselves to be at risk.

Symptoms include recurrent yeast infections (vaginal candidiasis), pelvic inflammatory disease, abnormal changes or dysplasia (growth and presence of precancerous cells) in cervical tissue, genital ulcers, and genital warts. Severe mucosal herpes infections may also accompany HIV infection in women. It is possible for a person infected with HIV to show no signs of infection.

For women, the most common symptoms of exposure to the HIV virus are:

frequent or severe vaginal infections

abnormal PAP smears

or pelvic infections (PID) that are difficult to treat.

Within a few weeks of having been infected, many people have flu-like symptoms. However, in some cases, symptoms do not show for many years. As the infection progresses, some symptoms can include:

swollen lymph glands in the neck, underarm, or groin area

recurrent fever-including "night sweats"

rapid weight loss for no apparent reason

constant tiredness

diarrhea and decreased appetite

white spots or unusual blemishes in the mouth

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