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How To Get Free (Or Low-Cost) Birth

How to Get Free (or Low-Cost) Birth Control

If you’re interested in obtaining the pill for free or on the cheap, here are the nuts and bolts:

Currently, a prescription is required for birth control. You can obtain a prescription from your general practitioner, OB-GYN, or local health clinic. In certain states you can obtain a prescription online or directly from your pharmacist. You should be able to obtain this prescription for free or cheap under your insurance plan or at a local clinic. When it comes to turning that prescription into an actual pack of pills, choose your own insurance adventure below and read on.

If you have insurance:
If you have enrolled in a health insurance plan independently, receive health benefits from work, or are under 26 years old and #blessed enough to be listed as a dependent on a parent’s plan, you are in luck. At the present moment, most insurance plans will offer birth control to you at zero cost under the Affordable Care Act. Plans under ACA will also typically cover the cost of your doctor’s visit if you need to go in for a prescription consultation or renewal.
Even if you are insured, here’s one thing to keep in mind when filling your prescription: some insurance policies may only cover certain brands or generic pills. If you are on a pill that agrees with your body and you know that you don’t want to make any changes to your prescription whatsoever, make sure you communicate that to your doctor.

If your insurance policy changes and your particular brand is no longer covered, your doctor may be able to help you jump through some bureaucratic hoops to get you back on track. If he or she is unable to get your preferred bill covered, speak to your doctor in-depth about side effects that concern you most so that they can recommend a different pill that will address your needs.

If you are uninsured:
Life happens, and once in a while you might find yourself operating out-of-pocket on the birth control front. If for any reason you don’t have insurance at the moment, get to know your state’s current contraception access laws.
Depending on your citizenship status and income, you may qualify for Medicaid or another state program that can assist with birth control costs. Organizations like Planned Parenthood are equipped to help you find a clinic close to you where you can access care and get prescriptions for free or at a heavily reduced cost.

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