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9 Months Ago, A Couple Planted This 5-Day-Old Embryo. They Watered It With Hope, Tears, Injections,

9 months ago, a couple planted this 5-day-old embryo. They watered it with hope, tears, injections, and probably way too much peanut butter. And, somehow, that speck grew into this little girl who has filled their hearts with the biggest, most extraordinary kind of love. It wasn’t how they expected to get here, but they couldn’t imagine it any other way.

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  • advmpls


    2019-07-11 03:40:39

    omg I want to get a picture like this

  • aishfitty


    2019-07-11 03:40:39

    It's interesting. BUT NOT TO SIZE!!!! At 5 days it could not be seen to the naked eye. Up to 6 days they’re allowed to be legally in a petrie dish. Not until 5 WEEKS is the embryo the size of a grain of rice (2mm). At 5 days there is barely a separation between ICM (what will be the fetus) and the pre-placenta cells.
    Just thought I’d drop this important info because even though the pic is cute & aesthetically pleasing - it could very well be the source of miseducation. Esp with debates at play.

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