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Real-Life Black Widow -- Manipulating Her Secret Lover To Murder Her Wealthy

Real-life Black Widow -- Manipulating her secret lover to murder her wealthy boyfriend

Black widows who, just like the black widow spider, managed to draw men into their web by exploiting their relationship to destroy man.

As one police officer put it, she is a woman who “have sex with anybody and then kill ‘em afterwards”.

Gold Coast woman Melissa Shaw, a wife and mother to two girls, was one of them.

Meeting at a church youth group, sheltered Beau was immediately in love with Melissa.

"I never had a girlfriend before, and she was really the first girl who had ever taken an interest in me," Beau tells Michael Usher. "It could have been anyone really, but as a 17-year-old, as soon as a girl - any girl - took an interest, that interest was immediately responded back."

The pair married only a few months after their meeting and had two kids not long after.

But what Beau didn’t know was his wife was actually a prostitute working under the name Savannah. He found this out day during their honeymoon.

He soon discovered his new wife was manipulative and would use sex as a bargaining tool to get what she wanted including a cosmetic surgery which Mr Shaw paid $25,000 for.

Once Melissa had completely transformed her body, she demanded Beau do the same. She enlisted the help of bodybuilder Adam Gooley. What Beau didn’t know was that his new trainer was also his wife’s lover.

"I'd go a couple of nights a week down to the gym to work out with Adam, and we did strike up a friendship. I thought he was a genuine kind of guy and we hung out, worked out together. But things started getting messy because he says, 'Oh, you should take these steroids.' That decision put me in hospital within three months."

"The steroids sent me totally loopy. I think the term at the time was testosterone psychosis, from an excessive amount of testosterone. I went off the deep end."

"I was a broken shell. I started off with this idea that I would help her fix her little broken wing, and I ended up far more broken than I ever thought possible."

"She says, 'I could go down to Sydney and work at a brothel in Sydney, and make a few thousand dollars in one weekend," Beau says. Melissa got her way. "She started working as a prostitute here on the Gold Coast at an establishment called the Pentagon Grand."

Melissa was out at all hours with clients, revelling in the sleazy thrill of her old trade. Beau became a stay-at-home dad.

Beau wasn’t the only man caught in Melissa Shaw’s web. Bodybuilder Adam Gooley was also head-over-heels in love with Melissa.

'She knew what she wanted, and she believed she had a plan to get it.'

While Beau stayed at home, looking after the kids, Melissa raked in the cash. She kept meticulous notes on all her clients, always on the hunt for her next meal ticket. Sam Dhody walked through the brothel doors.

"He was a very wealthy businessman," says Beau. "They started seeing each other privately which started making her more money, and she told me that she was going to start dating - for lack of a better term - Sam, so that she could take advantage of his financial estate."

Beau finally snapped. He left Melissa, taking the girls with him. Melissa didn’t skip a beat. She moved in with Sam Dhody, and somehow convinced him to make her a company director with access to his bank accounts.

This black widow wanted Sam’s money. She convinced her devoted bodybuilder boyfriend Adam Gooley to kill him.

The savage attack was interrupted by a good Samaritan neighbour. As Gooley made his escape, Melissa called emergency services.

Vision from a police body camera shows a suspiciously nonchalant Melissa not long after the attack as Sam is being treated for serious injuries in the doorway.

"She has completely separated herself from this physically and vocally," says Dr Xanthe Mallett as she examines the footage. "This has nothing to do with her; that is the only signal that I can get from her. She has literally walked around the corner like, 'Nothing to do with me.'"

Although Sam Dhody was critically injured in the attack, he survived. But Melissa wasn’t going to fail a second time.

This time, all her scheming paid off. Sam Dhody was already dead when she called the ambulance.

Sam had been shot ten times at point blank range in his bed.

Melissa lies to the police when giving evidence. "I’ve just got home. I’ve walked into the bedroom and my partner is dead. I think he’s been shot. He’s got holes in his head and he’s still in bed. I touched him and his body is cold. I can't believe it."

But she doesn’t fool the police. They’re suspicious from the beginning. They begin tracking her. She’s also brought into the station for questioning.

Mark Procter’s team also bugged Melissa’s phone, and soon discovered the true nature of her relationship with Adam Gooly.

In his police interview, Gooley claimed he was sick and in bed at the time Sam was killed. It was a woefully flimsy alibi.

Then there was the forensic evidence tying Gooley to the shooting, including the murder weapon. The lovesick bodybuilder had used his father’s gun. Faced with the mountain of evidence, Gooley confessed. Next police raided Melissa’s house. She was arrested, charged and convicted of Sam’s murder.

"I think she just seems to accept her fate," says Detective Procter. "There were no more game plans, there were no more strategies, there was nothing. There was just deadpan Melissa, and that's the way it's been since then."

Melissa and Gooley were both sentenced to life in prison. Even today, Gooley remains loyal to the woman he loved and killed for.

"Gooley says it's him, only him, that Melissa knew nothing about it," explains Detective Proecter. "He snuck into the house and he shot him and he left."

Trampling over people’s lives, undermining their self-worth, wrecking families and exploiting and manipulating men to do terrible things is stock in trade for so-called black widows.

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  • kennisimmons


    2019-07-12 13:00:00

    OMG! She deserve it!

  • aishfitty


    2019-07-12 13:00:00

    Poor Beau and Poor Sam

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    2019-07-12 13:00:00

    This story really makes me chilling!

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