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Faint Line On Pregnancy Test -What Does It Mean?

Taking a home pregnancy test is quite easy, right? Two pink lines indicate positive pregnancy while a single pink line indicates negative. But what if there appears a faint line on a pregnancy test? Now, what does that mean?

⭕️ Reasons To See Faint Line On Pregnancy Test

There are multiple reasons for which the home pregnancy tests show faint lines instead of the bold ones. Here we discuss some of the common reasons for which you might see a faint pregnancy line:

👉🏻Failure To Follow The Instructions Vividly:

When you fail to follow the instructions mentioned on the pregnancy test kit properly, the test happens to show inaccurate results.

If you do not allow adequate time for the test result and read the results too early, you can see faint lines. It is very important to devote the allotted time and then check the results on the display box.

👉🏻Testing Too Early:

Detection of a pregnancy test in extreme early phase of conceiving is one of the most common reasons to see faint lines. During the first week of pregnancy, the level of hCG hormone is extremely low and undetectable. As the test kit diagnoses small percentage of the hCG hormone, the line appears faint.

👉🏻Miscalculating Your Expected Period:

You may fail to miscalculate your period days and conduct the test on inappropriate days. It often leads to faint lines on a pregnancy test.

It is better to keep a note of both basal body temperature BBT charting and your menstrual cycle. It becomes easier to remember the important dates and eradicate all confusions.

⭕️ Does A Faint Line On Pregnancy Test Indicate Positive Pregnancy?

Home pregnancy test shows positive results when it detects the presence of hCG hormone easily in your urine. However, the sensitivity of the pregnancy test kit greatly varies from one brand to other. A highly sensitive test kit detects the pregnancy at a low level of the hCG hormones, whereas the less sensitive ones can detect pregnancy only after the hormone level reaches to an optimum proportion.

The faint line does not always indicate about positive pregnancy, as it often indicates about early miscarriage. If you get a faint line of the pregnancy test, do not freak out. Repeat the test after two to three days to get more accurate results. If your pregnancy is positive, the line gets darker after few days of time span. However, if the line persists to remain faint after consecutive results consult with the gynecologist immediately.

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  • pumpkinandthepea


    2019-07-14 01:02:47

    So I took another pregnancy test. And I just don’t know. The second line is SO faint that I can’t even see it.

  • Flowers Lopez

    Flowers Lopez

    2019-12-07 11:11:24

    hey good morning l have my period but it's little of blood and it's not the normal period it's pink color please help

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