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What Do Stretch Marks On Breasts Look Like?

Stretch marks are stripes or streaks that occur when the skin is stretched. They’re a very normal occurrence. Nearly everyone has stretch marks. It’s common for stretch marks to occur on the breasts as well as other areas of the body.

Stretch marks are often a pinkish, purple, or red color when they first form. They typically fade to a paler or whiter color over time.

There are different types of stretch marks. They’re categorized by how long you’ve had them and their cause. The types include:

Striae atrophica. These are very common stretch marks. The breakdown of elastin or collagen components in the skin causes this type.
Striae distensae. These occur most often during puberty. They typically involve linear lines that may look like stripes.
Striae gravidarum. This type only occurs during pregnancy.
Vergetures. These are long, specifically patterned stretch marks that resembles a whip’s lashings.

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