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Why Not Use Lube?

Why not use lube?
Lube is great! Using lube is nothing to feel shameful about—it can be a great addition to your sexual experience. You should not feel embarrassed to use a personal lubricant. Many people who produce ample amounts of vaginal fluids still choose to use a lube to further increase their sexual pleasure.

Lube isn't a substitute for foreplay, but it's the greatest accoutrement. With lube, your options to slip, slide, glide, twist, suck, pulse, kiss and thrust multiply exponentially. Possibilities for techniques and positions are greater and research indicates that lube actually leads to higher levels of arousal, pleasure and satisfaction.

A lubricant is a tool that is used to increase pleasure, reduce the risk of micro-tears which can reduce the possible transmission of STIs and allow people to engage in sexual experimentation with their partners and selves easily. A drop inside a condom can change the feeling of using a condom, allowing the wearer to feel more sensation.

Having flavored lubricant while performing oral sex on a person could make the action more enjoyable for the person giving the oral stimulation as well!

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  • Cynthia Wilson

    Cynthia Wilson

    2019-07-15 09:19:44

    I experienced vaginal dryness.


    2019-07-15 09:19:44

    Water-based lube may be the safest bet to start with?

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