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Did You Know That Your Sleep Could Effect What You Eat? ⁣

Quality and amount of sleep can be affected by a few things:⁣
•Shift work⁣
•Drugs and Alcohol⁣
•Stress ⁣
•Sleep environment ⁣

Some studies have looked at the effect of not having enough sleep. Interestingly they found:⁣
•An increase in ghrelin (the hunger hormone) ⁣
•A decrease in leptin (which decreases hunger)⁣
•Increased appetite for calorie dense food with high carbohydrate content ⁣
•More likely to consume sweet food ⁣
•More likely to consume snacks⁣

Furthermore, shiftworkers have an increased risk of ⁣
•Higher BMI⁣
•Impaired blood glucose levels ⁣
•Mental health ⁣
•Digestive problems ⁣
•Sleep disturbances⁣

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