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Something I get asked a lot during the preconception and pregnancy consultations..."do I have to give up coffee?".⁠

Firstly this post is never to point out someone or discourage someone.⁠

As we are unlikely to run clinical trials on pregnant women it can be hard to obtain the negatives and benefits . . . what we do know; is that crosses the placenta so that caffeine levels of the baby are similar to that of mums. we also know that it can affect babies growth rate and potentially limit nutrient transfer (similar to what it does in adults as well, and why we need to take particular supplements away from the morning cup of coffee). ⁠

We also know that caffeine easily transfers through the breastmilk. babies under 4 months struggle to clear the caffeine which may be why they can get unsettled.⁠

While coffee is one source of caffeine there are also other delicious sources; green tea, tea, chocolate & cacao, so it can be a numbers game.⁠

In Australia, small amounts of caffeine are considered safe in pregnancy. with the upper limit being 200mg of caffeine/day - around 1 small espresso or 4 cups of medium strength black tea.⁠

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