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Are Chemicals Harmful? You’ll Be Surprised To Know The Answer

Are Chemicals Harmful? You’ll Be Surprised To Know The Answer
Every parent wants to use organic baby products these days. The fear of side effects from chemicals is high and organic products claim to be free of them. I’ll admit, I was swayed by this argument and was utterly confused about what to get for my baby when she was born. The products I had known growing up and had been used on me when I was an infant did contain chemicals but I turned just fine. So, is really organic worth all the buzz it creates? Are chemical baby products no good?

I really needed to know the answer to all these questions so I could be sure I was using the gentlest and the safest products on my baby. So, I got down to finding them and the answers I got really surprised me as I’m sure they will you too!

It’s Not Chemicals At Fault, It’s The Way The Product Is Made

As soon as parents hear the word ‘chemical’ together with ‘baby care’, they tend to panic. I could have been a part of the list of such parents, but I just didn’t want to blindly favor one or over the other. Proper research is necessary and here’s what I found…

What matters is not whether the ingredients used have been organically sourced or developed in a lab. The key thing is that they should be certified safe! This means the ingredients should be mild, safe, and in the right combination so the baby doesn’t suffer from any kind of side effects. You see, even natural substances can cause side effects. So many of us are allergic to specific types of foods. And these allergies usually begin at birth!

That is not to say that chemicals are not harmful. Of course, they are but not ALL of them. If you closely check the labels of all the skincare items in your house including the ones you use on your baby, you will find they contain chemicals in the form of preservatives and what not. Not all of these will be safe but not all will be harmful either.

So, when buying baby care products, you will have to check if the ingredients used are actually safe, if the product has been certified for safety, and if its fragrance is free of allergens. That’s what I did the next time I went baby care shopping. And, after going through several products, I finally found something I could consider safe for my baby.

I’m talking about Johnson’s new range of baby care products. Their new line up is a perfect mix of active and other ingredients that are perfectly safe for use, as certified by health regulatory standards in both the US and EU. In fact, each of their products goes through 8000 stringent clinical tests to be proven safe! And, I can vouch for this as I’ve been using their products on my baby for 6 months now and haven’t faced any troubles. Besides, the products are also free of dangerous preservatives such as sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

To show their commitment further, Johnson’s has obtained certifications from the International Fragrance Association to prove the scent of their products is free from allergens. The products are clinically proven safe and use only 2% of the approved ingredients to ensure maximum safety and mildness.

Overall, I am very impressed with Johnson’s new range of products. I can see their purity through the new transparent bottles and feel it too when I use them on my baby! The smell of their products is as mild and beautiful as ever and the effectiveness of them is also excellent. So, I all want to say is don’t fall for marketing traps. Be wise and choose the best for your baby every time.


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