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Euphoria: S1 E6 “The Next Episode” - Post-Episode Discussion (Spoiler Alert)

Euphoria: S1 E6 “The Next Episode” - Post-Episode Discussion (spoiler alert)

opinion 1:Alright so Rue + Jules they going through a rough patch rn and that breaks my heart. Because I want them to work out but I know it probably won't.
Lexi IS A REAL ONE AND WE MUST PROTECT HER AT ALL COST. She was helping everyone.
Ethan doesn't deserve to be hurt like this.
Makay + Cassie - I don't even know what to say about them, seems messy overall.
And Nate IS TRASH. Period. I have no sympathy for him.

opinion 2:“I’ll put you in jail,” Nate says, carrying a small collection of child pornography that he not only solicited, but printed out.

opinion 3:Anyone think that Tyler could've just snitched on Nate at the police station? He could've said it was Nate that beat him up. But then again, he did stuff with Maddy (underage). BUT THEN AGAINN it's better than being labeled a stalker/rapist/strangler.

opinion 4:It's amazing how solid of a dude Fez continues to be. I think we're going to be wrecked when we learn his backstory or just get a few more glimpses into his world. Dude seems so chill 24/7 but also so sad and lonely at the same time. Man just needs a true friend, not a customer.

opinion 5:I can't believe how brazen Nate is with his blackmail attempts. All anyone really needs to do is wisen up and get a tape recorder, and he'd be toast. He uses a lot of FUD to manipulate people, and no one questions him.
I like the actor's portrayal. I hope Nate gets what is coming to him.
Also, I feel bad for Cassy.

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