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What Causes Food Aversions During Pregnancy?

What Causes Food Aversions During Pregnancy?
The exact cause of food aversion in pregnancy is not known, but researchers have a few theories.

⭕️Hormonal fluctuations: Just like the behavioral and physiological changes during pregnancy, food aversions could also be due to hormonal changes. However, there is no connection between food cravings and aversions.

⭕️Morning sickness: Nausea is more common during the early months of pregnancy and could be responsible for food aversions. For instance, just the smell of certain foods can make you may feel nauseated.

⭕️Sensitivity to taste and smell: During pregnancy, a woman’s senses are heightened. Abnormal or increased taste and smell sensitivity could stop you from having any foods. For instance, sensitivity to a bitter taste may stop you from having even tea, coffee or chocolate.

⭕️Maternal-embryo protection hypothesis: It states that certain mechanisms that don’t allow pregnant women to have foods that contain toxins or pathogens. It is to protect the woman and her baby. This could also be a cause for food aversions.

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