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What Food Is Nasty For Pregnant Women

Common Pregnancy Food Aversions
All pregnant women are not repulsive to the same foods. Food aversion depends on several factors and varies accordingly. But in general, most pregnant women tend to be averse to these foods.

🔺Spices or spicy foods: You may be averse to hot and spicy foods especially during the first trimester when you have nausea and vomiting.

🔺Caffeine: Pregnant women may also have an aversion to caffeine. According to a study on caffeine consumption, 65% of the women had expressed their aversion to drinking coffee when they were pregnant. Some expectant mothers reduce the intake of tea too.

🔺Poultry, meat, and seafood: Food aversions to eggs, meat, chicken, fish, and other seafood were also reported during pregnancy. There was a reduction in the consumption of these foods during their pregnancy.

🔺Others: Pregnant women could be averse to dairy products, fried food, and starchy foods too.

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