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Could Sugar Be Sabotaging Your Health?

Could Sugar be Sabotaging Your Health?
For most of us, sugar is a fierce saboteur. That’s because foods high in sugar trigger the reward centers of your brain. A perfect storm may occur in people who are vulnerable to food addiction: they eat sugar, resulting in high blood sugar and low dopamine in the brain. When they keep eating sugar, they develop problems with dopamine communication. They need more and more sugary foods to raise their dopamine and feel “normal,” and they experience withdrawal symptoms when they remove sugar. Women are twice as likely to be addicted to food as men. Women tend to diet, restrict, and binge more than men, which seems to trigger the brain to overeat addictively. Interestingly, women with the greatest hormonal upheaval at perimenopause report the highest rates of food addiction.

Could Sugar be Sabotaging Your Health?
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