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How To Reduce The Risk Of MS

How to Reduce the Risk of MS

➡️Quit smoking cigarettes

Smoking is terrible for your health in many ways, but it's especially harmful if you’re at risk for MS — and if you’ve smoked before 17, while your brain was still developing, you have an increased risk in getting the disease.

➡️Make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin D

Having an adequate level of vitamin D is instrumental in preventing spots of inflammation and lesions on the brain.

People with MS experience lesions when the body attacks the protective layer around the nerves around the brain and the spinal cord.

In addition to taking supplements, you can also increase your vitamin intake by eating foods rich in vitamin D, like fatty fish, fortified cereals, mushrooms, eggs and some milk.

➡️Don’t skip your workout

Getting regular exercise can decrease your chances of getting MS because exercise stimulates not just your body, but your brain, too.

➡️Get a good night’s sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to trouble with balance as well as cognitive issues, such as worsening of memory and difficulty concentrating.

Getting at least seven hours of restful sleep a night is good for your brain.

➡️Exercise your brain muscle

Do things that stimulate your brain, whether it’s reading often, playing word and number games, or learning a new hobby that has a few complicated steps, like knitting.

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