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Does My Baby Even Know Who I Am?

It can be a big fear for some new moms, especially for those who are planning to head back to work sooner rather than later. Will my baby know who I am? Will they remember me if I’m gone for most of the day?

Your baby will use their senses to get to know you.

And the good news is, thanks to the sense of hearing, your baby recognizes the sound of your voice before he or she is even born. Around seven months gestation, your baby knows you by the sound of your voice.

Don’t skip out on skin-on-skin time, as this is the time when your baby comes to know and even love your smell. It’s been shown that the smell of a mother skin can actually relax their baby.

With the sense of sight, your baby will even know your face within one week. So rest assured, your baby recognizes you from day one.

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