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Will I Ever Know What My Baby'S Cries Mean?

The life of a new mom would be so much easier if babies could talk from day one. Is the baby crying because they need to fed? Or are they just sleepy? Maybe wet? The good news is that there aren’t a lot of reasons for a baby to cry.

There are five different cries that your baby will exhibit. The “neh” sound which means baby is hungry. The “owh” cry comes from the yawn reflex and means that baby is sleepy. If you hear a “heh” sound, the baby is uncomfortable. They may be cold, itchy or need a diaper change. The “eair” sound means the baby has a bit of gas. Finally, the “eh” sound means that baby is ready for a burp.

As you get to know your little one, you will start to be able to recognize what each of your baby’s individual cries means.

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