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I'Ve Always Had A Problem With My Weight.

I've always had a problem with my weight.

Most of my family is overweight from some combination of substantial over-eating and just plain junk food. People made fun of me all through elementary, middle, and high school -- to my face. I moved away from my family and learned to eat healthy (plus had a job on my feet all day). It took a couple of years, but I got to a nice healthy weight (130 lbs in size 6 pants!). Now I'm up to over 200 pounds (214 the day before I got food poisoning, 204 this morning) wearing a size 18.

I have only one pair of pants because I refuse to buy any more in this size. Just a few shirts for the same reason. So on top of being over-weight, I am often dressed in clothes covered in stains that look like they should have been gotten rid of a few years ago.

My feet are huge. Grandma always said I got the "Fred Flintstone" feet just like my dad. Even when I was at 130 pounds, I had to go out of my way to find extra-wide-width shoes. Just try finding cute shoes that size...

I've got stretch marks all over and veins super close to the surface. My legs are covered in little purple/red veins all over. My breasts, shoulders, and arms have big blue veins. I've got rosacea and psoriasis. One woman saw me in sandals this last summer and asked what I'd done to my feet (I had psoriasis patches clean up to my knees).

My hair is super fine and not very thick. Lays very flat and lifeless. I had them add a touch of highlighting to try to make it a bit better.

I never had braces so my teeth are all crooked and my overbite is so bad it is painful to eat certain things. I have to cut corn off the cobb and can't eat an apple without a knife to cut it.

My fingers are huge -- I wear the same sized ring as DH.
Heck.... I found myself one day wearing his socks, his pants, his shirt, and his ring!

I hate shopping for clothes. I hate looking in the mirror. I especially hate the bright lights and surround mirrors of dressing rooms.

I'm working at making myself healthier. I don't have a fixed goal weight. I want to be healthy and in good shape.

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