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The Crucial Hours After Childbirth

① 🧦 Keep Warm: Childbirth depletes a lot of Qi and Blood from your body. These losses can easily cause pathogenic cold to enter your body. That’s because the meridians leading to the womb are open and is more susceptible to letting “coldness” in. To prevent coldness from entering, wear an extra layer, wear high socks, no cold showers, avoid cold and raw food and stay away from direct aircon/fan.

② 🤱 If possible, it’s important to have Skin to Skin interaction (direct contact) with your baby for at least 1-2 hours after birth. It helps to stabilise the baby’s temperature, regulate blood sugar levels, keep the baby calmer and transfer good bacteria for better immunity. And most importantly, it alerts the baby’s natural instinct to locate, latch on and breastfeed.

③ 😴 Rest: You’ve used up a lot of Kidney Qi, Yin, Yang and Liver Blood throughout the pregnancy by growing a baby! After delivery, Qi and Blood is lost and may cause an imbalance of Yin and Yang too. This is true especially in older mothers or those who conceived with assisted reproductive procedures. Hence it’s crucial to rest, to regain pre-pregnancy vitality.

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