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Third Trimester Nutrition

① ✨Support Spleen: By Spleen, TCM means digestion. Food such as chinese yam, white fungus, yellow /orange vegetables, orange peels can help support the spleen. Good for digestion and makes sure your body absorbs the nutrients you need.

② 🍛Warm Food: Also in my previous post, your body and baby is growing very fast now, that’s why you’ll feel hot most of the time. Yang is rising! Stick to neutral to warm properties food. Avoid too much heaty food such as spicy, fried food, prawns, lamb, durians, leeks, onions, garlics.

③ 🌀Support Qi: Towards the end of the third trimester, drinking some Red dates and Dang Shen (not as heaty and strong as Ginseng) to help you prep for labour.
Don’t take too much and if you’re unsure, always check with your TCM doctor.

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