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3 Real Moms Share Their "OMG I'M Pregnant!" Moments

3 Real Moms Share Their "OMG I'm Pregnant!" Moments
"We had been trying for a while and also had a miscarriage. A good friend of mine let us all know she was pregnant via text message around 8 p.m. I bawled for two hours. After the second hour of crying at my table, I decided there must be some reason why. I took the test and "pregnant" popped up immediately. I ran in the bedroom, jumped on the bed and told my husband I was pregnant. Then, I hopped into the car with the pregnancy test. I called my best friend a 10 pm, pulled up in front of her house, she came out and I had to show her the test. I needed another set of eyes to confirm that I, too, was pregnant." —Jessica

"We had only been trying for a month, and I was scheduled to have sinus surgery. You have to take a pregnancy test before surgery at the hospital so I took it, and they hooked me up to the iv and got me ready to go. Before the anesthesiologist came in, the nurse came in and said: "Is there a chance you could be pregnant?" I answered, "Well I guess." She said, "Well you are." Talk about shocked. No surgery that day!" —Jean Smith

"I realized I might be pregnant while getting on a cruise. The ship was late docking because of rough seas. It was recommended everyone take sea sickness medicine before boarding the ship. I took out the box for the dosing info and read, 'Don't take if pregnant.' I thought about and realized I was late." —Kelly Keith

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