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A progestin implant is a small rod that is implanted under the skin, most often on the inside of the arm. The rod releases a small amount of the progestin daily into the bloodstream.

It takes about a minute to insert the rod. The procedure is done using a local anesthetic in a doctor's office. The rod can stay in place for 3 years. However, it can be removed at any time. Removal usually takes only a few minutes.

After the implant has been inserted:

You may have some bruising around the site for a week or more.
You should be protected from getting pregnant within 1 week.
You can use these implants while breastfeeding.
Progestin implants work better than birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. Very few women who use these implants are likely to get pregnant.

Your regular menstrual cycles should return within 3 to 4 weeks after these implants are removed.

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